Leia, Warrior Princess

It has taken me a bit to digest my reaction to the passing of Carrie Fisher, and while I’ve seen some beautiful tributes on Facebook, I wanted to speak to my personal impressions and reactions.

Princess Leia was a first for me, and eye-opener, a paradigm shifter, and while Carrie did not write the role, I am certain that her portrayal did more than its fair share to ensure the character took hold.  She also came to open my eyes on a more personal level, but more on that later.

Princess Leia is a badass.  It really is that simple.  In the space fairy tale that is Star Wars Episode IV, she took the image of the imprisoned princess, and spun it into something wonderful.

We all know the image of the princess as the damsel in distress, the weak and helpless girl that sits imprisoned in the tower until the heroic knight comes to save her.  Well, that ain’t Leia.

The first time we see Leia, she’s slipping who-knows-what into a droid, but then she takes out one of the troopers searching for her.  True, she gets stunned, but the next time we see her, she’s back on her feet and defiant as hell.  Face to face with Vader, who is already a big scary villain who we’ve seen committing casual murder, she doesn’t flinch or balk.

She stands up to Vader more, and we’re told she’s resistant to the Empire’s horrible torture probe.  She’s brought before Tarken, and she lips off to him constantly.  Then they threaten to blow up her whole home planet, and she’s scared (because she’s not a monster), but she still doesn’t give them what they want- she lies about it.

They blow up her planet, and I’m sure she shed her share of tears, but when we next see her, is she a wibbling wreck?  Nope, she’s chill in her cell, and cracks a joke at Luke in his ill-fitting armor.  Once out of the cell, she grabs a gun and takes charge, immediately butting heads with the loose cannon rogue.  But it’s not a spoiled princess trying to boss people around, like we see in so many tales, it’s a confidence that is obviously born from helping to lead the Rebellion.  She’s accustomed to having her orders followed because she’s usually right.

When she meets up with the Rebels, and Alderaan is mentioned, what does she say?  “We have no time for our sorrows.”  We’ve got stuff to get done.

She may not participate in the assault on the Death Star, but she is just as instrumental in its destruction as Luke.

I had never before seen a female character in an adventure story, especially not one carrying a royal title, be anything more than an object of desire- and while she certainly is that for both of her male companions, she’s the crusader in the group.  The Rebellion is the object of her desire.

She took that unflinching attitude, and it was present in the rest of her life.  Carrie was a young star in 70’s and 80’s Hollywood, and that came with its dangers.  I’m sure I don’t have to make a list of young stars who spiraled down into drugs, alcohol, depression- sometimes to their deaths.  Carrie fell into some of those pits, and her mental health issues didn’t help.  But she clawed herself back out of it.  It wasn’t neat, and it wasn’t pretty, and I heard some very un-complimentary things said about her over the years.

But then I happened to see a documentary that she made about what it’s like to grow up a young star, the child of established Hollywood personalities.  It was another eye-opening experience, and it was my first real insight into how fame can destroy people.  At the end of the film, she showed a very zoomed in view of a toddler playing in a yard.  Then the camera zoomed back, and Carrie was sitting there, and she said “This is the closest I will any camera to come to my daughter,” and I remember feeling this swell of “hell yes, you go girl!” because she was doing her best to break the cycle.

Carrie Fisher, like Leia, was a warrior, and I will cherish the battles she fought both on the screen and off of it.

-Christopher J.P.S. Roberts

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The Great Grossboat Restoration Project (Part 1)

Perris here!

For those who don’t know me, I’m a bearded lunatic who loves his modeling who happens to be the GM over at Tramps Regina. For those who do know me, you will know I’ve been going to town building, painting, and playing Age of Sigmar.  The Generals Handbook has really made this a game I can sink my teeth into however this isn’t the first Generals Handbook!

Some of us Warhammer Oldbeards remember the first book that set the pace for running epic campaigns in the old world. Now the new version does much of the same but it didn’t have naval combat.

The old one did.

When I worked for games Workshop the lot of us were drafted into action. not unlike a really gross shipyard, we were to create a warship for the God of Decay, Nurgle! So! We went to work and we made a very amazing boat. Decked out in rotting crew, foul weapons, and more nuglings than rats. We sent it off to games Day to do battle with the other shops various boats.

When it returned to us we opened the shipping box to find it had been annihilated. Heatbreaking I know. So our Store manager fixed it.

Then it fell off his kitchen counter.

When the store closed, the then current manager took the prized boat home to repair it. He did so! That being said, as anyone with cats will tell you, you’re not allowed to have nice things in a home with felines. They tossed the ship off and onto the floor.

Now the ship is mine. It falls to me to repair it. Let’s just say we have a long road ahead of us.


So let’s take a look at “Grossboat” and see what we’re up against…

Picture 008.jpg



Already it’s not pretty. Her poor horn is shattered right off, she’s caked in dust, her railings are smashed up.

What about her Crew? I wonder how they’re doing….They look okay in the background..I mean I…


Holy Crap! Is that a pile of limbs? Are…are they laying down on the job…..I’m pretty sure Jim there is just a set of legs.


That’s slightly Better except that one poor sap on the left. Way too many crew members taking naps.

Not pictured is a unit of Plaguebearerer demons. There’s a reason for that. They’re the worst thing I’ve ever painted. Ever. Like…ever. I’ll never post pictures of them for as long as I live but if you ask me real nice at the store I might show you so you can laugh at me and wonder what I was thinking.

We will add some brand, spanking new Plaguebearers to this beauty. Grossboat will also see some Putrid Blightkings and Gutrot Spume to our vessel.

And, of course, this guy


Stay tuned for this saga! I’ll post all the progress!


Stay Frosty!

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