Located in downtown Regina, Tramp’s Comics & Games is the city’s oldest and largest comic and game store.

Early in 2014, Tramp’s ownership changed hands, with long-time employee Christopher Roberts taking the reigns of the store.  While a newcomer to many aspects of running a business, Chris has enthusiastically overseen the development of new events, and in increase in the visibility of those events.

Tramp’s now endeavors to be a space where fans of comic and game material can come, feel welcome, and discuss and indulge in their joy of their fandoms.

We offer numerous regular events for a variety of games, many free of charge, and regularly participate in events like Free Comic Book Day, and the Regina FanExpo.

We will always do our best to acquire any requested item or product that we might not have in stock.  We are also perfectly willing to ship product to buyers across the country and beyond.  Our most remote customer was a gentleman in Russia!

In late 2014 we joined the Vicinity Reward card program, giving our customer access to special rewards and promotions- a program is that 100% free to sign up for!

We are always happy to see new faces, and to do our best to answer any questions our customers might have.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!


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