Gaming Club Anouncement

We are opening a tabletop gaming, board gaming, and card gaming club at Tramps! Read more to learn how to join our community!

In light of recent events, Tramps has planned a big reorganization. Both our retail space and our business structure are in for a shift, and we are excited that you can now be a part of it!

We have decided to move all of our upstairs stock to the main floor. All those cool t-shirts, books, and cards that you previous trudged up the stairs to find are now within arm’s reach! At the same time, all those fussy tables and fragile looking models on the main floor have moved upstairs!

But fear not community members, you still have a space! The upstairs of Tramps will now fully be the domain of the gamer, with tables, card mats, and wargaming terrain for you to use.

However, this big reorganization does come at a cost. Our community members have for years enjoyed free use of our space. While this was a great way to make friends and meet people interested in your hobbies, Tramps has finally accepted that allowing community members to dominate our retail space was not in the best interests of the business. We love you all, and we are supportive of your community, but a change had to be made.

Keeping the interests of the community at the top of our minds, we have decided to turn over control of the upstairs gaming area to the newly formed Longhouse Gaming Association (“Longhouse” for short). This organization will be run by volunteers interested in maintaining a community and will provide a safe and inclusive space for people to play in.

To make the space possible, community members will be asked to pay a nominal monthly fee to use the space. This fee will go to improving the space and remunerating Tramps for lost retail opportunity. Fees will go towards issues like the broken air conditioner, providing table space, providing snacks for purchase, and more.

Membership will also come with perks. Communities interested in big events will have late-night access to the space, and members will receive exclusive discounts.

Having a community run space will also come with organizational advantages, such as collaborative scheduling to ensuring there’s no overlap for big events, lockable storage space for your collection, and more.

Our starting fee will be $10 a month for a membership, with a $5 surcharge for those members planning to use the wargaming terrain. If you aren’t a member and want to try out the space, we also will offer a $5 drop in fee (all inclusive).

To get involved, email, and join our Facebook page at


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