The Great Grossboat Restoration Project (Part 1)

Perris here!

For those who don’t know me, I’m a bearded lunatic who loves his modeling who happens to be the GM over at Tramps Regina. For those who do know me, you will know I’ve been going to town building, painting, and playing Age of Sigmar.  The Generals Handbook has really made this a game I can sink my teeth into however this isn’t the first Generals Handbook!

Some of us Warhammer Oldbeards remember the first book that set the pace for running epic campaigns in the old world. Now the new version does much of the same but it didn’t have naval combat.

The old one did.

When I worked for games Workshop the lot of us were drafted into action. not unlike a really gross shipyard, we were to create a warship for the God of Decay, Nurgle! So! We went to work and we made a very amazing boat. Decked out in rotting crew, foul weapons, and more nuglings than rats. We sent it off to games Day to do battle with the other shops various boats.

When it returned to us we opened the shipping box to find it had been annihilated. Heatbreaking I know. So our Store manager fixed it.

Then it fell off his kitchen counter.

When the store closed, the then current manager took the prized boat home to repair it. He did so! That being said, as anyone with cats will tell you, you’re not allowed to have nice things in a home with felines. They tossed the ship off and onto the floor.

Now the ship is mine. It falls to me to repair it. Let’s just say we have a long road ahead of us.


So let’s take a look at “Grossboat” and see what we’re up against…

Picture 008.jpg



Already it’s not pretty. Her poor horn is shattered right off, she’s caked in dust, her railings are smashed up.

What about her Crew? I wonder how they’re doing….They look okay in the background..I mean I…


Holy Crap! Is that a pile of limbs? Are…are they laying down on the job…..I’m pretty sure Jim there is just a set of legs.


That’s slightly Better except that one poor sap on the left. Way too many crew members taking naps.

Not pictured is a unit of Plaguebearerer demons. There’s a reason for that. They’re the worst thing I’ve ever painted. Ever. Like…ever. I’ll never post pictures of them for as long as I live but if you ask me real nice at the store I might show you so you can laugh at me and wonder what I was thinking.

We will add some brand, spanking new Plaguebearers to this beauty. Grossboat will also see some Putrid Blightkings and Gutrot Spume to our vessel.

And, of course, this guy


Stay tuned for this saga! I’ll post all the progress!


Stay Frosty!


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