Kaladesh Release Specials

The release of Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh is almost upon us, and Tramp’s is ready to take preorders to guarantee your product!

Three products launch on Friday, September 30th: Boosters, Planeswalker Decks, and Bundles.


The booster box is standard for Magic: the Gathering, 36 packs of 15 cards each, randomly taken from the 264 cards in the expansion.

Tramp’s is putting on a Preorder and Release Weekend special price of $129.96 on booster boxes, and an even steeper discounted price of $719.28 per case of six boxes.  This pricing is available in-store only, so visit, call, or e-mail today!


The Planeswalker deck is a new product from Wizards of the Coast, containing a preconstructed 60-card deck that includes 1 copy of a Mythic Rare Planeswalker, 2 copies of a Rare spell that helps out said Planeswalker, and two full booster packs as well!  All for $18!


Say goodbye to the Fat Pack, and hello to the Bundle!

They’re… they’re really the same product.  I guess they just wanted a name change.

The bundle contains: card box, 80 card basic land pack, 10 booster packs, 1 Spindown life counter, rules reference card, and player’s guide to the set.

Priced at $48!


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