Eternal Masters

Step right up, Magic lovers, and experience the latest installment of draft-ready packs taken from the long and storied history of the game.

The Modern Masters series has proved an enduring popular source of reprints and variant art for some of Magic’s hottest cards, and Eternal Masters has not failed to deliver on that trend.

A peek at the spoiler list will show you why people are excited about this set: Balance, Force of Will, the return of Jace the Mind-Sculpter, and many many more.


So, how is it sold?  A bit differently from other Magic sets.  Instead of 36 pack booster boxes, Eternal Masters is 24.  And there are 4 boxes to a case instead of 6.

So, you wanna know price, don’t you?

Our pre-order price is $300 CDN per box, all taxes included.

Pre-orders available in-store, or over the phone- full payment is required to guarantee product.  Watch our Facebook page for updates on remaining stock.


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