Factions of Westeros Part 2

Yesterday I posted an introduction to the (alphabetically) first four Factions of the 2nd Edition of the Game of Thrones LCG.  Today continues with the remaining four.  If what you read interests of intrigues, feel free to come down to our second Learn To Play event!


Night’s Watch

Those who are familiar with the setting will know that the Sworn Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch guards the Wall against threats from beyond.  It is appropriate, then, that defense is the specialty of the Night’s Watch.

Just look at this combo:

So not only have you got a buff to all your characters, you’ve got a great bonus for completing the Challenges phase without losing an Unopposed Challenge, and a high strength defender to help you do that.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that the Watch can’t strike back.

Jon Snow will happily throw his strength into any attacking challenge, while Ghost will occupy someone for the entire phase.  And that’s just an example.

The Watch is also interesting in that it includes Traits for each of the three divisions, Builders, Rangers, and Stewards, and has some card mechanics that interact with them.


This creates the potential for a pretty versatile play experience within the broad framework of the faction.



Potentially one of the most straightforward of Factions, Starks are also developing some mechanics that make them a little less direct.


I figured I’d get old Ned out of the way first off.  Let’s face it, anyone who wants to play Stark wants to know how awesome this guys is, and he’s pretty awesome.  Good strength, Renown, and he just keeps getting back up as long as you’re being attacked.  So sure, if you’re going first, smack someone with him, he’ll just get up for the counter attack.

What else do Stark fans love?

Direwolves.  And they’re no slouches.  Big scary monsters who aren’t just a threat in Military Challenges thanks to cards like Like Warm Rain, and Grey Wind’s habit of just straight up eating small characters.

But there’s more to the House of Stark than violence.

Characters like Catelyn and Sansa can do their part to make sure that you don’t get knifed in the back, and gain power (and victory) through some less conventional means.



The members of House Tyrell and known for working well together, and this stands true in the cards as well.

Look at these two 4 gold gets you 6 strength, 2 icons each, and standing defenders.  Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

So Loras, the Knight of Flowers is attacking by himself to limit defenders.  Sure, but someone like Lord Stark up above could take him on his own… until his sister Margaery steps in to help, adding her strength to the challenge without participating.


And then you’ve got guys like Randyll Tarly here.  After Margaery, or some other card, boost his strength, he gets back up to trouble your foes again.

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.



Last, but not least, the fire and blood of House Targaryen.  Less of a House in the traditional sense, more like a collection of allies.

Here’s the only two characters (so far, anyway) who bear the name Targaryen, and as you can see, one of them isn’t much direct threat.  The rest of the characters are split between the allies these two (though really Daenerys) have collected, including:

Dragons.  Mmm-hmm.  Dragons.  Note how all three provide a bonus to Stormborn characters.  Take a look up at Daenerys.  She’s the only one so far.  But we’re not done yet!


Behold the most versatile kill card in the game at present.  One gold, kneel a character with a cost as low as 2, and for 3 gold worth of resources, you just killed a 6 gold cost Jon Snow.  Or any number of other characters.

But I said there were other allies, didn’t I?  Here’s a sample:

With friends like these, who needs family?


Well, there you have it, my introduction to the remaining Factions of A Game of Thrones.  I certainly hope you’ll consider joining us on Thursdays.  We hope to have a league going soon.

Come and play the only game that matters, the Games of Thrones, where you win or you die; there is no middle ground!


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