7th Sea – Rapiers and Sorcery

The Three Musketeers.  Zorro.  The Princess Bride.  Rob Roy.  Cutthroat Island.  Pirates of the Caribbean.

If any of those titles make you smile, I have a game you need to play: 7th Sea.

7th Sea is a tabletop rpg.  For those of you who aren’t already in the scene who may be reading this, that means that it’s a form of collaborative storytelling.  Each player creates a character and uses the mechanics of the game to interact with its setting by describing your character’s words and actions.  Conflict resolution is handled through the rolling of dice using statistics and rules presented by the game.  It can be a very rich and rewarding experience, inspiring the mind and providing comedy and drama to match any novel or film.

For those of you who may be asking “is it like D&D?” I will respond: yes and certainly not.  It is like D&D in that there are character sheets, dice, and people describing their characters actions, but the similarities really end there.

Where D&D worlds are generally Mid-to-High Fantasy worlds that generally resemble medieval Europe and take at least some inspiration from Tolkien, 7th Sea is a Mid-Fantasy world very strongly based on Age of Enlightenment Europe, the 17th Century specifically.

You will not generally find armored knights on horseback, or robed and bearded wizards, but you will find pirates, duelists, and people with strange powers to twist fate or tear holes in reality.

7th Sea presents a vast world where a variety of adventures await: join the king’s guard and protect the innocent, defend the people against corrupt officials, rescue your true love, defend your honor, seek treasure, or sail the high seas plundering your weasely black guts out.  Explore arcane ruins that would make Indiana Jones or Lara Croft second-guess themselves, or navigate the spider’s web of nobility to court favor and win riches and power.

By now I hope you are asking “WHERE CAN I GET THIS AMAZING GAME??”

Sadly, 7th Sea went out of print in 2004.  “But Chris, then why are you making me fall in love with it?”

Because a Second Edition is coming!  John Wick, one of the creators behind the original game, has a Kickstarter campaign underway to bring 7th Sea back to life even more glorious and beautiful than it was before.

If you’re interested to know more (and you should be), check out the campaign page HERE.
Edit: oh, and I forgot to mention, this Kickstarter has been breaking records all over the place.  It has the record for the RPG with the most first-day funding, and highest funding total EVER!

Now, for those of you who might say “But it’ll be months before any books are printed, and I wanna play now!” I will grant your wish!

Well, not right now… but soon!

I have access to the Quick Start guide an introductory adventure, and I am willing to run through it with interested players.

I’m planning on Tuesday evenings at Tramp’s (the host blog here), but if that doesn’t work, please contact us for the possibility of an alternate.

Just comment below if you wish to register for one of the events!  Each session is limited to 5 players, so register early!  Games will begin at 5:00pm sharp, and go until 8:00pm.

Cast off, me hearty’s, destiny await!


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