Game of Thrones Demo and League Night


If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones (show, books, or games), consider coming down to Tramp’s next Wednesday, Feb 3rd!

A Game of Thrones the Card Game has just had its second chapter pack released, we’ve it, the previous chapter pack, and the core set in stock.  We’ve got a league kit, and we want to use it!

Does claiming allegiance with one of eight factions and competing for control of Westeros sound like a fun way to spend some time?

Baratheons, Greyjoys, Lannisters, Martels, Starks, Targaryens, Tyrells, and the Night’s Watch all compete for power and influence in this exciting card game.

Want to see what the game is like before you commit?  Come on down, and check it out!
Want to learn to play?  We’re happy to teach.
Have a deck and want to play and win some prizes?  Excellent!

This even will be the first session of a league that will run every over Wednesday evening, prizes will be available, and it’s free to join!

Come and play the only game that matters!


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