New Year Attack Role Sale!

It’s 2016, and what better way to greet the new year than with an attack roll?

When you come to Tramp’s in the month of January, you will be able to show this new year who’s boss!

For a start, everything in the store is 5% off.  Everything.  No exceptions.  Then, when you make your purchase, you will take a mighty d20 in your hand, and give 2016 your best attack roll!

Whatever you roll on the d20 will be added to your discount!  Roll a 10, and your discount becomes 15%!

Some items will have an “attack bonus,” an additional bonus added to your roll.

What happens if you score the ever hoped for natural 20?  Your critical hit will provide you with an additional 10% onto your result!

So come down to Tramp’s in January, take up your d20 and attack roll your way to glory and savings!

UPDATE: As we move into the second half of the month, some modifiers now apply to this attack roll!

GW: -15

Hot Games: -10

Flames of War: +0

Other Minis: -10

GN/Manga: +5 (after exchange)

Pop figs: +0

Figures: +5

CCGs: -5 (boxes -15)

Clothes: +10

Basement: +10

Small print:  We’d really appreciate it if you’d commit to your purchase before you roll- this is intended to be an added bonus, not part of the original incentive.  One roll per customer per purchase.


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