The Force Awakens Friday

This Friday will bring on of the biggest events to hit geekdom in 10 years- the release of a new Star Wars movie!

But even more than before, since this is a continuation, we don’t know what the future will bring!

Help us to celebrate Force Awakens Friday by participating in our sales and events!

First off, the sale!  All Star Wars products are 10% off!  That’s everything with the logo or name on it, cards, toys, figures, models, games, books, shirts, everything!

But it gets better!  Come in costume and receive an additional 5% off!

And then there’s the events!


Our regulars will recognize the beautiful Imperial fleet owned by our owner, Chris Roberts.

Chris has written up a “squad” list that uses all of these models (plus the additional two TIE/fo fighters being used for demos)- a total of 850 points.

At 10:00 on Friday morning, this fleet will be deployed and waiting.  Chris will take all challengers on a first come, first served basis.  Single players or teams totally 850 points are welcome (though adhering to standard Epic play squad construction).  Come commemorate the release of The Fore Awakens with the most epic of epic Star Wars games!

Also available will be demos of X-Wing Miniatures and Imperial Assault!


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