Demo Library Additions

Tramp’s announces the addition of three games to our Demo Library!

Crabs Adjust Humidity:  Maybe you’re looking for a copy of Cards Against Humanity, but you’re frustrated that you can only get it online.

Maybe you have and love Cards Against Humanity, but the official cards can get old after awhile.

If either of these is the case then Crabs Adjust Humidity is the game for you!  An unofficial third party parody/expansion/substitution for Cards Against Humanity, Crabs promises the same hours of gut-busting laughter, blushing, and awkwardness.

Superfight: Superman vs. Goku.  Darth Vader vs. Chuck Norris.  Predator vs. Freddy.  Everyone in geekdom has pondered and argued these unlikely matchups.  Well, now there’s a game that facilitates these silly and epic battles- Superfight!  Play a character (Pirate, say), and two modifiers (swinging a shark on a chain, and riding a segway), watch your opponent do the same, and then enjoy the ensuing debate on who would win!

Tribond: A game where you’re given a list of three things (a car, a tree, an elephant), and then asked to find a common bond between all three (they have trunks!).  It may sound easy, but it isn’t always!


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