Play The War That Wasn’t

Team Yankee Cover

Team Yankee is an exciting new miniatures war game based on the novel of the same name by Harold Coyle.

In this alternate version of the mid-to-late 80’s, the Cold War of American Capitalism vs. Soviet Communism heats up, and erupts into a third World War fought primarily in Europe.

The game launches on Nov 27th with three products: a core rulebook, an American army box, and a Soviet army box- and those who preorder in the next few days can also enjoy some one-time only promotional material (see below)


The 120 page, full color, core rulebook includes all the things one would expect in a miniatures game- background information on the setting, along with the rules, missions scenarios, and a painting guide; everything you need to get started.


Bannon’s Boys depicts the company commanded by Captain Sean Bannon, a central character of Coyle’s novel.  The box comes loaded with models- 5 tanks and 5 helicopters, and comes with all the sheets, cards, and templates needed to play.


Emphasizing strength in numbers, the Soviet Potecknov’s Bears comes with an intimidating 9 tanks and two helicopters, but is scaled to be a suitable opponent for Bannon’s Boys.

So, maybe you’d like to know more about those free promos I talked about earlier?

If you buy a copy of the core book in-store on launch day, you will receive with it- completely free- a set of exclusive laser-cut acrylic objective markers.  Once these markers are gone, they’re gone, no more will be made or available.  Possession of these objectives will mark you as a launch-day veteran, and give you bragging rights over later adopters for years to come!

But you have to hurry- the cut off date to increase our preorders is this Friday, the 13th (ominous!).

World War III awaits!


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