♪♫ You Can’t Take the Sky From Me… ♫♪


On Thursday the 15th of October, we had the inaugural session of our Firefly Board Game League.

How did it go?  Pretty well.

Five people came out for the event, and earned themselves some league points, including the store owner Chris Roberts.

“First Time in the Captains Chair” was selected as the Story Card, and Leaders Burgess, Monty, Malcom, Corbin, and Marco went out into the Black to make their fortunes and pay their debts to Adelai Niska.

Kaylee quickly joined Burgess’ crew, and Dr. Simon Tam found himself recruited by the mechanically minded Corbin.

As jobs were completely and more crew were hired, additional members of the classic cast made appearances- Shepard Book found himself working for Monty, as did Jayne Cobb.


Things got dirty as Burgess used his rep with Harken to redirect the Alliance Cruiser at a Wanted ship, sparking a multi-part feud that saw several casualties claimed as players callously directed the Reaver Cutter at each other’s ships.

Burgess botched a job for Patience and got himself a Warrent- he then attempted a dash across Alliance Space to get some work from Badger, but ran afoul of the Alliance and was fined; a significant setback.

In the end, Marco had his entire crew butchered by Reavers, but after selling a large store of Cargo and Contraband to Patience, stood poised to pay off Niska and fly off with his winnings… but Captain Tight-pants himself swooped in with the cash and paid off the old shark first.

The ‘Verse giveth, and the ‘Verse taketh away.

If this sounds like a fun way to spend a Thursday evening to you, there is still time and room to register in the League.  The five who attended this game have a bit of a head start in League points, but they can quickly be made up with a victory or two.  Contact the store with interest!

In the meantime, find a crew, find a job, keep flying!


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